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9 Reviews for “Gino’s Guam”
  1. July 21st, 2016
    Ritan Borja Says:

    Oceanview middle school and Marcial A. Sablan Elementary school uniforms… Price on set

  2. January 24th, 2016
    TRE Says:

    For JFKHs Uniforms:

    $115.00 for 5 tops (polo or button down; dependent upon availabiliy) AND 5 bottoms (green khaki shorts or slacks; not availble in skirts)

    $13.99 each for single polo or button down tops
    $17.99 each for single bottom

  3. July 27th, 2014
    Jean Says:

    How much for a set of uniforms and can i mix and match the size

  4. August 16th, 2013
    dearly Says:

    how much do the uniforms cost?

  5. July 12th, 2012
    selly Says:

    Is there a way to purchase uniforms online? If not, so in need of an upgrade.

  6. July 27th, 2011
    xXSGT671Xx Says:

    yeah how much is your guys 5pair set for skool uniforms. like 5 polos and 3 shorts n 2 pants? plz tell me its still $100bucks if not then whats the price?

  7. July 14th, 2010
    MamaBird Says:

    For the years that I have shopped at Gino’s for kid’s uniforms, it was just the past 3 years where now there in store policy will not accept personal checks as payment for uniforms. Needless to say, my checks are as good as the signature I put on them but it is a hassle that they’ve added this as an inconvenience to regular customers. Note: This year’s school purchase will be close to $400 for 2 children, this amount is something that I cringe at charging to my credit card but would gleefully write up a good check for… Oh well… Plus I am dreading the wait and struggle when doing this annual purchase since this shop is exclusively catering to most of Guam’s public schools = thousands of students & parents will be whizzing through their doors in the next few days. Last year I ended up spending most of my time in store waiting for available store clerks, It was that crazy!

  8. May 25th, 2010
    Dennis Says:

    They have the latest Fashion in Mens & Womens. I would love it if they carried Kid’s as my wife is expecting a Kid soon. Pricing is great and their return policy keeps me wanting to shop there more often.

  9. April 15th, 2009
    Lisa P. Says:

    Clothing for older folks here. Very good prices. I udnerstand they sell uniforms for a lot of the schools on island.

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