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5 Reviews for “Dededo Flea Market Guam”
  1. July 7th, 2014
    Malamoga Says:

    Never buy electronic items there like amps, TV’s, gaming device and dvd components, these are the buy and sale dealers who goes around begging to buy electronic stuff form garage and rummage sale at a very low! low price and then selling it at a sky high price and most of the times these items don’t even work and mostly you can’t try these items out cause there’s no electrical outlet there unless someone has an high wattage inverter but you have to pay to use it.

  2. April 25th, 2014
    lexie Says:

    This is not the safest place dont bring a expensive purse or lots of cash. Definitely very 3rd world atmosphere. Parking can be a issue so wear walking shoes. Not to stroller friendly so baby bojorn but I would leave kids at home if possible. There produce and baked good available. Lots of lower end dollar store stuff , used clothes and tools, and a vast array of knock offs (purse clothing and ect) some local made products soaps and jewelry mostly. Wonderfull plants. Definitely worth going once or twice you it is always changing please be safe.

  3. May 26th, 2011
    tweetybird18 Says:

    I loved Dededo Flea Market because aside from their cheap prices, they have almost everything and anything under the sun merchandises (from food, to clothing, to souvenirs and a lot more).

  4. June 5th, 2010
    pocahontas411 Says:

    Dededo Flea Market: looks like it occurs only on the weekends during the wee hours of the morning…starting a 7am ending by 11am. There is a variety of things to purchase: new and old, furniture, clothes, toys, local produce, food, watches, rims, etc. Parking is free but it is a Cluster-F*. You can also set up your own spot for a fundraising event if you want.

  5. November 12th, 2009
    ... Says:

    food safety and sanitation is very questionable and most likely non-existant.
    You can stumble on some really cool stuff.
    the produce are local but there’s not much variation stall to stall.
    Be careful what you buy because a lot of vendors sell knock offs.

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