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(gai•a eco so•lu•tions) gai-uh ee-ko so-lu-shens

1. Enabler for community empowerment towards environmental responsibility

2. Provoking individual thought and action to lead a more simplified wholesome lifestyle

3. To inspire a Revolutionary culture to “Be the Change” they want to see in the world.
General Information

est. in 2008 Gaia Eco-Solutions is a Guam based conscious living, simplified design and consulting service that provides guidance in the area of self sustainable and natural living. Working with each client or family to find effective solutions conducive to the individuals personal nature and or a specific family’s dynamic.

*Money saving tips and tricks
~ Being a conscious consumer.
* Natural parenting and family living.
~ Easy weekly meal planning, cloth diapering, baby wearing, co-sleeping etc.
*Providing guidance in simple free-flowing design and wholesome natural living.
~Efficient, simple, organized interior design, marketing, and graphics.
*How to make your own laundry soaps and other homemade secrets.
* Environmentally friendly low stress Event Planning
…..and more


Offering ARBONNE personal care products that are “pure, safe, and beneficial”

  • *Botanically Based
  • *Ph Correct
  • *Hypoallergenic
  • *Dermatologist Tested
  • *Certified Vegan
  • *Free of dyes, chemical fragrances, and mineral oil
  • *Cloth Diapers
  • *Eco goods
  • *Any wear wrap skirts
  • *Baltic Amber
  • *Cloth Menstrual Pads
  • *Menstrual Cups ( Eco alternative to tampons)

Products available for purchase with Cash-PAYPAL- All major CREDIT CARDS except Amex.

We ship! Locally is just 10% of total, U.S./ APO FPO In most efficient Priority Flat Rate Parcel, or contact us for International rates.

Rates for our services are based on the “PAY WHAT FEELS GOOD” method… Let me explain even further. Gaia Eco Solutions is of the mind-set that “Value” is not always in monetary sense and that abundance comes in many forms, i.e. bartering, crafting, trades, etc. The “pay what feels good” formula also encourages the honor system in our society which has been lacking since this age of value as a form of $$$. Running a business not limited by a monetary system allows us to better help our friends, family, and clients to lead a life in Quality over Quantity.

House and lot Cebu

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