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Condominium Makati

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3 Reviews for “Hush Puppies Guam”
  1. June 8th, 2011
    ShoePairs Says:

    This shop definitely offers high quality products which are both comfortable and fashionable. My some pairs of shoes from Hush Puppies were like more than 4 years now.

  2. November 24th, 2010
    Joy Says:

    Hush Puppies is one of my favorites when it comes to foot wear. This company sure knows how important quality, comfort, and style are to their customers.

  3. April 15th, 2009
    Marian Says:

    I Love Hush Puppies. So hard to find on Guam so I’m glad that there is a store that specializes in selling them. If you haven’t tried a pair, I really recommend it. Very comfortable footwear.

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