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Condominium Pasig

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5 Reviews for “Lady Foot Locker Guam”
  1. January 23rd, 2012
    James Says:

    Good morning. May I know if you guys sale lady’s version of Nike Wind Runner jacket which has pink above and brown/gray below with the pink and blue interior collar?

  2. June 14th, 2011
    Cleopatra Says:

    Good on me for a great sale timing during my visit. It double the fun of shopping. This place is wonderful.

  3. July 23rd, 2010
    kate44san Says:

    Hi, I will be visiting Guam in 2 weeks. Do you have Nike Vomero 5 Womens in Size 11. Please reply.


  4. April 16th, 2009
    Verry Berry Says:

    This place has the most selection of athletic shoes for ladies on Guam.

  5. April 13th, 2009
    Lisa Says:

    Smaller than the guy’s store a few feet down. Still a good selection of Nike’s, Reebok, Puma, and Adidas. I bought some Crocs there for a pretty good price compared to the the Crocs store in Tumon.

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