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3 Reviews for “Paul’s Guam”
  1. April 21st, 2009
    Ronald Says:

    Paul’s carries a selection of men’s suits and pants. I like that you can get fitted here, and they do all the fitting for you, as it is very hard to find a suit right off the rack that fits perfectly.

  2. April 16th, 2009
    Janel C. Says:

    Pauls’ Fashion Tailors! I guessed they shortened the name now to just Paul’s

    How boring! Bring back the old name!

    This clothing store + seamstress shop + tuxedo rental is owned by an Indian family that has been on Guam for awhile. So long that they are considered locals.

    Very nice people, and they do good work. I would recommend doing business with them.

  3. April 15th, 2009
    Karina Says:

    No namebrand items here, but they do have some nice clothing for men, women, and children. My hubby bought one a shirt there, and the price was fair. They are always having sales.

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