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3 Reviews for “Fashion by Lily Guam”
  1. April 6th, 2012
    princess101 Says:

    I’ve been going to this shop every now and then and they have such great styles–not to mention, they have clothes not only for teens but also for my age. The clothes are classy and I’m glad they only have ‘limited’ items. I like the fact that I’m only one of the few people wearing a certain piece of clothing; unlike Papaya, I find myself wearing the same clothes as other people.
    In reference to barbie26, you must have gone and bought clothes when it was the old management, you should come back again, I’m sure you’ll like the new styles. The prices are reasonable, and they justify the quality of the clothing. Check back again, I love the store! =)

  2. March 25th, 2012
    Working girl Says:

    I am a VIP customer at Fashion By Lily ever since from the previous owner. In 2010 when Fashion by Lily change Management, I thought I may not like the new designs, but then I found my self going there visiting the store every time they have shipment. The clothes are really fashionable, it follows whatever the latest trends. The styles are unique and classy, on top of that it is very affordable. Fashion by Lily helps me improved my fashion styles and confident.

  3. December 30th, 2010
    barbie26 Says:

    They have a few noteworthy pieces evoking a juxtaposition of vintage and boho-chic- a style I’ve been gravitating to. Unfortunately, their clothes- which are purchased from China- are over-priced and inferior in quality. An over-sized knitted sweater I purchased for $65 unraveled at the seams after one wear and my other purchase: a chiffon mini-skirt incorrigibly detached at various seams. Macy’s and Papaya offer better quality and price- but their mundane uninspiring stock of jeans and shirts and their several seasons late style leave this fashion enthusiast defying better judgement to wander into Lily’s for an “only wear once” distinctively chic find.

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