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House and lot for sale in Lapu Lapu

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5 Reviews for “My Anime Shop Guam”
  1. July 15th, 2011
    Inuyasha021 Says:

    Is ther store still open? I would like for finish my anime DVD collection. Is it under a different name? Wher is it located? Pls reply back.

  2. April 5th, 2011
    MaMa BeaR Says:

    Where are they located I would like to know because I have books I’d like to finish collecting.

  3. June 5th, 2010
    MoriMoriMoriMaru Says:

    Gyyuuuun the emcee at the Otaku Recon kept saying “My Anime Box” does this mean they’re gonna reopen w/ a different name and location?! This is a must know!

  4. April 21st, 2009
    Esther Hotness Says:

    Oh cool! A Guam anime shop! I didn’t think they would have something like this on island.

  5. April 16th, 2009
    Manfred Says:

    For Anime Lovers, This is one of the few Guam Anime Shops. They sell lots of Anime DVD’s and fan souvenirs, toys, and decor.

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