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15 Reviews for “Mega Drug Guam”
  1. June 9th, 2015
    Joie&Joe Says:

    I love their brand spanking new location in Dededo.
    Drive-thru pharmacy with Great customer service!!!

  2. February 16th, 2014
    isamu abraham Says:

    Hi there,just need to know if you have salicylilic at your store and please give me the amount…please acknowledge..


  3. January 13th, 2014
    Trev Says:

    How much is plan be

  4. November 24th, 2013
    Sara Says:

    How much is ur Plan B pill??

  5. October 2nd, 2013
    bri Says:

    do you guys have Pap smear clamps to sell over the counter?

  6. October 1st, 2013
    bri Says:

    Do you have insemination syringes ?and sterilized cups to hold semen.

  7. February 8th, 2013
    Elaine Says:

    This is where my family get our medicines. Very friendly staff and no long wait!!

  8. July 7th, 2012
    Tim Anderson Says:

    Can you compound Quad Mix for erectile dysfunction?

  9. April 7th, 2012
    Berachan Says:

    Do you have Metamucil -smooth- in stock? We are visiting Guam in several days to spend holidays.

  10. January 12th, 2012
    Ashley Quitugua Says:

    Would you happen to have terrasil?

  11. August 29th, 2011
    xia xiongwei Says:

    Question 1: When do you close on Monday-Friday?

    Question 2: Do you have Schiff Sleep Surport, Melatonin Plus?

  12. June 15th, 2011
    Louie Says:

    Kudos to Mega Drug for their outstanding products and excellent service!

  13. August 16th, 2010
    Bruce Says:

    Really great and friendly service and I never have to wait a half an hour or more like at the “big-box” pharmacy!

  14. March 7th, 2010
    Diana Says:

    They ordered my hard-to-find medication just for me. GREAT SERVICE !!!

  15. April 7th, 2009
    Shannon P. Says:

    No complaints. This is where I usually get my prescription filled.

Mega Drug Guam Phone Number:

Tamuning - 646-5355
Dededo - 632-3385

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