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Condo in Manila

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16 Reviews for “JP Superstore Guam”
  1. January 2nd, 2014
    LOTT Says:

    Please send me your website or your contact number.

  2. March 27th, 2013
    Kim Says:

    I was wondering. Do u have any job openings? Pls. Email me if so. Thank you.

  3. March 27th, 2013
    Kim Says:

    Hey. I was wo

  4. October 14th, 2012
    Nicole Mantanona Peterson Says:

    Looking to purchase Guam jewelry. Please email your website if you have one.

  5. June 6th, 2012
    kate Says:

    What does JP stand for anyways? There are so many stores around here that start with JP.

  6. October 24th, 2011
    Susan Says:

    Please let me know if I found the right place.

  7. October 24th, 2011
    Susin Says:

    Been trying to find where I can order those earring and necklace so long and I think I finally found where those jewelry are sold at.

  8. September 15th, 2011
    Ed Says:

    any job opening

  9. August 1st, 2011
    beeaaaaauuuttttiiifffuulll * Says:

    Please , email me !

  10. June 23rd, 2011
    peppa Says:

    email me your website or catalog am interested in buying stuffs from your store

  11. April 2nd, 2011
    prettyful Says:

    please email me your website. i am definitely interested !

  12. February 1st, 2011
    Rommel Says:

    Do you have a email address to contact you?

  13. November 15th, 2010
    MSB671 Says:

    Yes the locals have been there. We already know its awesome. We just go to the one at the local mall where all the teenagers are located. The locals know, the tourist don’t know we know, but we know.

  14. August 7th, 2010
    jo Says:

    do you have website i can see all your gold jewelry>>

  15. June 12th, 2010
    Ceecee Fejeran Paxton Says:

    do you have a website to see your items bamboo’s and some baby jewelry?

  16. April 21st, 2009
    Rachel Says:

    Not many locals have been in this store, but it totally rocks! They have some cool fashion designers (like Paul Frank) that most locals haven’t even heard of, but they are still cool as eskimo toes.

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