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7 Reviews for “Surf Beads Guam”
  1. March 1st, 2013

    ADMIN NOTE: We’ve noticed several negative reviews on this page from supposedly different people, but using the same computer and/or IP address.

    This is in violation of our policy, and the comments in question have been deleted.

    It’s fine to leave an honest review (even if negative), but please do not pretend to be different people, all leaving the same comment. This is an obvious attempt to disparage the business, while you yourself are not being honest by changing your name for each review.

    We welcome your honest comments. Please be honest.

  2. February 16th, 2013
    Chelsea Says:

    Quote from Nov 16th, 2011: ‘owner is really mean’
    You are ABSOLUTELY insane. I personally know the owners and they are the most kind, generous people I’ve EVER met. They will do anything for anyone – including their customers. Maybe they caught you stealing.

  3. November 16th, 2011
    tony Says:

    really good place to buy beads but really BAD customer service. owner is really mean

  4. July 26th, 2011
    Gina Says:

    Bead jewelry makes you feel the island vibe. Surf Beads Guam is a place to go for all your bead jewelry needs. They have cool pieces that are easy on the pocket. I bought some of their items for souvenirs and gifts for my family back home.

  5. June 8th, 2011
    Henry Says:

    I found beads to be an inexpensive way to be cool and fashionable in the island. I am IN!

  6. April 16th, 2009
    Anita Says:

    You walk in there, and its like wall to wall bead necklaces and bracelets everywhere. I really like this place, and bead jewelry is so cheap. This isn’t really big anywhere but on Guam. I see a lot of people wearing surf beads on island.

  7. April 13th, 2009
    Frank Cable Sailor Says:

    I love this place! You can get their stuff in various stores around Guam, but I like going directly to their store in Chamorro Village because there is just way more selection.

    The cool thing I like about their jewelry is that if you are wearing beads, the locals treat you differently. I guess you look less like an outsider because you are embracing the local style hahaha!

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